USD Undocumented Replacement Parameter Keys - EncodeHtml DecodeUrl


In this post I will describe two replacement parameter keys for Unified Service Desk that don't appear in the documentation. These are:

  • EncodeHtml
  • DecodeUrl

What are Replacement Parameter Keys?

In Unified Service Desk, when you use a replacement parameter, you can suffix it with a key to indicate that "special handling" should be used during the replacement. For example, you can use '+' to indicate that no error should be caused if the replacement parameter does not exist. The following replacement parameter would result in an error if the contact had no first name:

By suffixing it with a '+' we can indicate instead of causing an error, it should be replaced with an empty string if the contact has no first name:

The available keys are documented in the MSDN page Use replacement parameters to configure Unified Service Desk

Undocumented Keys

There are however two keys that do not appear in the documentation.

'h' - EncodeHtml
Under the covers this runs System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode() to perform the encoding.

'd' - DecodeUrl
Under the covers this runs System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlDecode() to perform the decoding

Undocumented Risks

Being undocumented, you should use these keys with caution as Microsoft might remove them without notice, but it's handy to know they're there.

I hope somebody finds this helpful. Check back soon and I'll see if I can squeeze in another post before Christmas.

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